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What’s the Point of Taekwondo Patterns?

When I first started practicing martial arts in Lincoln, Nebraska at the University, I did not understand the purpose of the forms. In fact, I really didn’t understand any of it. I had taken taekwondo during a semester off while I was trying to get my poop in a group and it was more of […]

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Where Mom Went Wrong with Weight Loss

She was always on a diet. And yet, she was also always overweight. She didn’t change her lifestyle, she’d simply restrict her calories for a few weeks, drop a few pounds, and then go right back to her bad habits. But besides food, which is a complicated and convoluted problem in the United States (trans […]

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Why You Should Choose Martial Arts to Lose Weight

I’m a marathon runner. I like long distances over short distances and I get something out of long, intrepid runs that last for hours. But not everyone likes the monotony of jogging. Indeed, it’s not the kind of exercise routine that takes a lot of “skill” per se. I mean, there is an art to […]

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