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My Unconventional Path to Learning Taekwondo

I took my first Taekwondo class in college along with a SCUBA certification course and a class about how to appreciate jazz music. I was nearing the end of my degree and I was also considering a change of major. That semester at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, I took classes that struck me […]

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Helping Kids Learn Martial Arts at Home

Around the age of seven or eight, kids are old enough to begin learning martial arts at home. But as with many things at this age, in order to make their learning successful, you’ll need to facilitate the process. This would be true if you were taking your kids to a traditional school as well. […]

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Types of Martial Arts

There are so many different types and styles of martial arts, if you’re looking for a school for yourself or your kids, it may be hard to choose the right one unless you already understand the differences. There are Korean martial arts, Chinese martial arts, and Japanese martial arts, as well as martial arts originating […]

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What is Taekwon-do?

Taekwon-do is a Korean martial art. There are a variety of different Taekwon-do styles that are floating around out there today, but essentially all of them use the same basic movements. Some styles are geared more toward competition while others are geared at self-defense. The basic movements for this martial art are remarkably simple and […]

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Online Taekwon-do

Ten years ago it was impossible, but today, learning Taekwon-do at home is finally possible. Not everyone has the time to commute back and forth to an in-person class to learn a martial art, after all. Online taekwondo schools make it possible for students to learn movements from the comfort and privacy of their own […]

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Young man ready to karate class

Learning Taekwondo at Home

A decade ago, the idea of doing online taekwondo classes was still primitive. Though not impossible in the early 2000’s, the technology wasn’t great and learning a martial art through online media would have been considerably more difficult. The advent of mobile technologies, however, and increased Internet technology has completely changed the way that people […]

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One of our old physical locations.

The Less Than Ideal Martial Arts Space

We’ve always aspired to teach our classes in large, open spaces with plenty of leg room and head room, but alas, sometimes we’ve been stuffed into tiny quarters.  One particular martial arts school that we operated was always plagued with space issues. Indeed, the whole city seemed to have issues with space. It seemed as […]

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Kung Fu Class vs. Barnes and Noble

When Lydian was about 5 years old, we were living in Bird City, Kansas, teaching taekwondo, and commuting weekly up to Nederland, Colorado, a small community in the mountains. The drive from Nederland to Boulder, Colorado was only about 30 minutes so we took the opportunity to enroll in some classes. Lydian took gymnastics and […]

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The Crazy Bird People at Spring Hill Canyon

I’m not sure why, but a lot of in-your-face martial artists are a little bit crazy. I mean, the garden-variety martial artist is usually just as normal as any other person on the street, but crazy martial artists abound and because they tend to really showcase their “skills”, a lot of other people feel compelled […]

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Understanding Stances

While many students taking in-person taekwondo classes can get away with only a rudimentary understanding of “stance terminology” in their early belt levels, students taking online martial arts classes will get really confused really fast if they don’t understand how to talk about and read about stances. Though there are videos to help dispel uncertainties […]

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