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Understanding Stances

While many students taking in-person taekwondo classes can get away with only a rudimentary understanding of “stance terminology” in their early belt levels, students taking online martial arts classes will get really confused really fast if they don’t understand how to talk about and read about stances. Though there are videos to help dispel uncertainties […]

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Mastering the Side Kick in Taekwondo

Though the side kick is often presented early on in martial arts curricula, it is rarely mastered until later on in a student’s training. That’s because side kicks involve a complicated set of movements that that have to be coordinated through practice over time. If you break the side kick down into its component parts, […]

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Mastering the Front Kick in Taekwondo

In comparison with side kicks, taekwondo front kicks are relatively easy to master. However, there are some subtle challenges that many students face when they first start doing this basic movement. Front kicks, like side kicks, and round kicks, are executed in four stages: chamber-kick-chamber-set the foot down. It’s vital that students practice all four […]

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Mastering the Round Kick in Taekwondo

So you’ve successfully mastered taekwondo side kicks and front kicks and you’re ready to move on to round kicks. That’s great! The round kick leads students to the next step by integrating a complex, but important upper body movement into the kicking motion. Once students have mastered the nuances of the round kick, they’re ready […]

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Executing Killer Jump Front Kicks

The jump front kick is the simplest jump kick that you’ll do in taekwondo. There are no weird hip or foot movements involved to execute the kick. Jump front kicks are relatively easy to master as a result and most people have a lot of fun with them once they understand the basic dynamic of […]

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Perfecting Your Jump Side Kicks

Though similar to jump front kicks, the jump side kick is a little more risky and just slightly more complicated. What makes the jump side kick risky is the fact that you have to pivot your floor foot in the air, landing with the heel of this foot facing your target. The importance of turning the […]

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