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Martial Arts for Kids

There are different reasons why parents might seek out martial arts training for their kids. Perhaps their child has expressed interest in martial arts. Or perhaps they’re simply looking for a valuable after-school activity to help their child stay active and fit. Many parents seek out martial arts instruction to help their child deal with […]

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Female Martial Artists

It’s important to have female martial arts instructors available at martial arts schools, in my opinion. I’m a female martial artist and I’ve never been in a class that incorporated a woman’s point of view into the curriculum. Much of what I learned happened in a very nurturing environment with my husband because the fact […]

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Should Men Teach Self-Defense for Women

Way back in the year 2000, when I gave birth to my daughter, I knew that she’d learn martial arts. At the time, I didn’t know that I would be one of her primary instructors, but I knew that she’d be taking classes because I always wanted her to know something about self-defense, even as […]

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Stop Physical Bullying Using Self-Defense Pressure Points and Soft Spots

Bullying is a complex problem especially when it happens during school. Children are terrorized and have no escape (they can’t quit school, after all).  Often, if a child attempts to defend themselves, they get caught and punished for their efforts. And really, what are teachers and principals supposed to do? Bullying could easily escalate into […]

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