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What is Taekwon-do?

Taekwon-do is a Korean martial art. There are a variety of different Taekwon-do styles that are floating around out there today, but essentially all of them use the same basic movements. Some styles are geared more toward competition while others are geared at self-defense. The basic movements for this martial art are remarkably simple and […]

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Online Taekwon-do

Ten years ago it was impossible, but today, learning Taekwon-do at home is finally possible. Not everyone has the time to commute back and forth to an in-person class to learn a martial art, after all. Online taekwondo schools make it possible for students to learn movements from the comfort and privacy of their own […]

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Learning Taekwondo at Home

A decade ago, the idea of doing online taekwondo classes was still primitive. Though not impossible in the early 2000’s, the technology wasn’t great and learning a martial art through online media would have been considerably more difficult. The advent of mobile technologies, however, and increased Internet technology has completely changed the way that people […]

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Understanding Stances

While many students taking in-person taekwondo classes can get away with only a rudimentary understanding of “stance terminology” in their early belt levels, students taking online martial arts classes will get really confused really fast if they don’t understand how to talk about and read about stances. Though there are videos to help dispel uncertainties […]

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What’s the Point of Taekwondo Patterns?

When I first started practicing martial arts in Lincoln, Nebraska at the University, I did not understand the purpose of the forms. In fact, I really didn’t understand any of it. I had taken taekwondo during a semester off while I was trying to get my poop in a group and it was more of […]

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