American Kick Association – Martial Arts Online School

How it Works

As simple as possible…

Just login and start learning. You want to learn martial arts, not a complicated web program, so the American Kick Association website was designed to be intuitive and straightforward. Whether you’re well-versed in computer technology or not, you’ll be able to navigate the site and find your stuff.

Step one


Step two

Take a look at the curriculum for your belt level and then click on a tutorial video to get started. Learn the martial arts moves as though you were in an actual classroom. Printouts enhance the learning experience as well as our exclusive help system that allows you to reach out to other students as well as instructors to ask questions.

After you’ve mastered the movements presented as tutorial videos, move on to workout videos and practice, practice, practice…

Step three

Upload your tests. To test, you’ll upload a video of yourself doing the required material to YouTube. Then, simply paste the YouTube link into a form field and click submit. We have a quick video tutorial inside to help you get setup.

Step four

Advance… and work toward getting your Black Belt!