American Kick Association – Martial Arts Online School


What martial art will I be studying?

The American Kick Association curriculum covers Korean Taekwon-do.

How many belt levels are there?

There are ten belt levels:  1) white 2) orange 3) yellow 4) green 5) blue 6) purple 7) brown 8) red 9) red/black  10) black. For each belt from white through red, you’ll need to test for three stripes. Each stripe represents one-third of the material you’ll need to know for your belt-ranking test. Once you’ve made it to black belt, you can continue your learning by earning degrees. Your first level black belt is called a “first degree black belt”. A second level black belt is known as a “second degree black belt” and so on and so forth.

How long will it take to get my Black Belt?

Essentially, you move at your own pace. You can spend no less than one month on each belt level from white through red belt. For red/black and black belt, you will be required to practice the material for no less than two months before testing. In theory, you could work through the entire curriculum in just over one year.

How does the curriculum work?

You’ll start each belt level by learning basic movements from tutorial videos and printouts. Once you’ve mastered these basic movements, you can begin learning the forms and one-step sparring segments. Workout videos that are tailored to your belt level are provided to give you the opportunity to practice your moves whenever you have the time. These videos were designed to help you develop better balance, precision, distancing skills, and speed.

The online curriculum is based on actual in-person martial arts classes. Workout videos were developed to take up very little room so that people who live in a small space can still workout every day. Forms take up more space. Students will need to seek an outdoor area or perhaps a gym to practice and perform the forms. Basic moves and one-steps can also be practiced in a small area.

Do I need a uniform and a belt?

Yes. You’ll be submitting your videos for testing and you need to be wearing your uniform and belt on these videos. Students who do an amazing job performing their skills on video will have the opportunity to have their videos displayed at the web site. Therefore, students will want to be wearing a uniform and belt as other students are watching them perform.

What other gear will I need?

By the time you get to green belt, you’ll need to have a punching bag. It doesn’t matter what type of punching bag you use, it just needs to be heavy enough to withstand a strong kick or punch.  The bag will help you develop power as well as distancing skills.

Are in-person workshops required?

No, but we recommend them. An in-person workshop can really round out your Taekwon-do education. We do everything we can to keep prices affordable for the workshops because we believe that creating a tight-knit community of online martial arts students is an important part of the experience and the longevity of the school.

What’s involved in an in-person workshop?

The in-person workshops will take each student’s unique needs into consideration. The workshops will give the students the opportunity to perfect their skills, work with other students, and improve their overall performance as martial artists. Our facility houses gymnastics equipment, a climbing wall, weight training equipment, and a large training area.

Can I use the online martial arts curriculum to lose weight?

Absolutely!  Martial arts is a great way to lose weight. We’ve had many students follow our curriculum as part of a weight loss regime.

Is Taekwon-do a good martial art for females?

Yes, definitely. Two of our lead instructors are females, in fact. Though a lot of in-person martial arts schools are heavy on the “testosterone-factor” our classes include a balance of masculinity and femininity. Though men generally have a lot of power and strength, women have better balance, precision, and flexibility overall. It doesn’t take a lot of power or strength to disable an opponent if you hit your target precisely. If you’re female and you want to do a martial art that will work for your body, build, and perspective on the world, the American Kick Association is for you!

I’m disabled, but I’d like to learn martial arts. Will this curriculum work for me?

We have always believed strongly that we should work with our students and utilize their personal strengths to develop a system that will be beneficial for them. If you have physical limitations and you’d like to know whether our curriculum would work for you, please send us an email describing your situation.

I already have a dobok. Do I need to buy a new one?

Unless your dobok is black, you’ll need to buy a new one. Also, if you have a black dobok that has markings or patches on it, you’ll need to purchase one of ours. We recommend this uniform:

I have a child who would like to learn martial arts. Is there an age restriction on your classes?

Every child is different, but we recommend our curriculum for ages 7 and above. However, younger children may be successful at learning online if they have a parent or guardian doing the curriculum with them.