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Why Martial Arts Training at Home Is Better Than Training in a Traditional School

Sign up for a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL – Martial Arts Online School! More and more people are signing up to do online fitness courses: yoga, dance, martial arts, you name it. But why is there a trend toward staying home to learn complex skills like taekwondo or dance? People have different reasons for training […]

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Woman-Victim Puts Would-Be Robber in a Jiu-jitsu Choke Hold

I’ve never seen or heard of a woman accomplishing a successful pin in a street fight using Jiu-jitsu, so this is a first and it’s worth mentioning. Apparently, in late August or early September of 2015, a Brazilian woman, Monique Bastos, was approached by two men on a motorcycle while walking to Jiu-jitsu class with […]

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