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Peripheral Vision and Self-Defense

One of the best kept secrets to being successful at Taekwondo sparring and self-defense has to do with peripheral vision. When our students first start working with each other on sparring, they don’t believe me. “Use your peripheral vision,” I tell them, “then you’ll start hitting your target.” They struggle with the exercise. “Soften your […]

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Taekwondo Sparring

I’ve taken Taekwondo classes from four different martial arts schools. I’ve attended classes at Kung Fu schools and Aikido schools as well as a school that taught Kenpo Karate. In each of these schools, I sparred with other students. Through my experiences sparring, I’ve developed my own philosophies about teaching sparring because people, or at […]

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Taekwondo on the Street

Why bother learning martial arts if you’re not going to learn how to use it on the street? Street self-defense is all we teach because Taekwondo competitions don’t emulate real life. In real life, people aren’t sorted by weight or belt level and there are no rules that criminals follow when they attack. At the […]

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Why Martial Arts Competitions Can Be Self-Defeating

There are some skills that are simply not meant to be put into an arena. That’s not to say that an athletic pursuit that involves punching and kicking isn’t entertaining to watch when two people take their places inside a ring. And I’m not saying that it isn’t easy to keep score when two people […]

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The Definition of a Bully

A bully is someone who uses a perceived power imbalance to intimidate another person. Sometimes there is a real power imbalance such as when the principal’s daughter threatens another girl at school by saying, “I’m gonna make sure you don’t have any friends.” Or when a very large, older boy threatens a smaller younger boy. […]

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Martial Arts Training Tips

Not all martial arts are the same, but they all do have some things in common. The most obvious of these is the use of the core to create powerful strikes or to pin an opponent. Core strength is an integral part of martial arts training. Most of our training tips center on activating this […]

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