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Can you really learn martial arts online?

Absolutely! How do we know? Because we’ve watched students do just that! Indeed, just because students attend martial arts classes in-person doesn’t guarantee that they’ll walk away with admirable skills. The key to really learning Taekwon-do or any other type of self-defense is practicing at home. With online classes, you bring the same learning material directly into your home where all the good stuff happens anyway.

According to some stories, Kung-fu, the original martial art, was conceived by a woman who just wanted to come up with a way to defend herself from an aggressive suitor. She watched how animals defended themselves and then emulated their movements with her own body. She didn’t go to in-person classes with an instructor and other students. She worked out the details on her own with her animal friends. Many other Asian martial arts are based on Kung-fu movements and just like the first woman to ever perform the martial art, you too can watch and learn.

A lot of students who attend in-person classes rely too much on their instructor or instructors to make the martial art work for them. In reality, no one else lives inside your body. Instructors can’t puppeteer you in the right movements. You have to figure that part out for yourself and that takes some dedicated private time working out and practicing at home. Online classes in Taekwon-do or any other martial art are ideal in this respect because they allow students to learn as well as practice at home. The process is natural. An instructor is still available to oversee the process, make observations on the student’s work, and help enhance the learning, but students intuitively know that doing martial arts online is up to them. There’s no sham. Practice is the key and if you go through the motions, you’re going to learn the skills.

In the United States most people attend in-person schools to learn martial arts. It’s true. And that can make people wonder about doing things online. But that was also true of college classes back in the day. Now it’s common and accepted that people attend college classes online. People do all kinds of things online from learning how to play a musical instrument to doing counseling or tutoring in real-time. Anything that requires person-to-person communication is possible today using the Internet. It’s time for martial arts to be available through this medium as well.

One of the reasons why online classes have caught on so rapidly is because they work. In fact, many students do better in an online environment just because they can study or practice the material on their own time. Not having to commute to classes can actually increase adherence to the curriculum. Instead of spending time in the car driving, many students spend that time working out. Many martial arts schools refrain from putting videos up online to show their class material just because it is possible to learn from these videos without attending class. And if you can learn online, why bother with the strict schedules and the commute?

So, if you’re concerned about learning martial arts through online study, don’t be. You can learn just about anything by watching a video of someone doing something and then trying it out yourself. This is the exact same process that happens in traditional classroom settings. If you really want to learn self-defense skills, give online learning a try. Put the effort in on the material and you’ll see the results whether you’re in a classroom or at home.